Top 10 foods for your Thanksgiving Dinner

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Top 10 foods for your Thanksgiving Dinner

Just to get into the Thanksgiving Dinner spirit, let's go over the top ten Thanksgiving foods that almost seem to be mandatory at every Thanksgiving Dinner. Most likely, you have been planning your Thanksgiving Dinner for quite some time now. However, make sure to check the list, just to be sure you are not missing any important Thanksgiving side dishes your family or friends might expect. So without further adieu, let's present the top ten Thanksgiving foods!

1. Stuffing recipe

Having a stuffing recipe is a given, so not much is needed to be said. It's delicious, and something that you can keep eating without noticing how much you are actually eating. If you need to save some time, Stovetop Stuffing tastes as good as the common homemade stuffing recipe. Or you can get exotic and do what the Romans did thousands of years ago by stuffing chopped liver, brains, and organ meats. Eck!

2. Turkey

Deep fried turkey may be the hottest new trend for Thanksgiving these days. The frying oil locks in the moisture of the turkey, making it incredibly juicy and tender. You might not even need your version of the giblet gravy on it. So this year, surprise your family with a new twist on turkey, because the key to the traditional dinner-- of course-- is the turkey.

3. Mashed potatoes

Another must-have as part of your Thanksgiving dinner. Simplicity is key for mashed potato recipes, although you may spice things up if you think your Thanksgiving dinner is too standard by dressing it up with garlic, cheese, bacon, or chives.

4. Ham

Just because turkey is the main staple of any traditional dinner, it doesn't mean everyone likes turkey. Plus a well-glazed, cut ham can add to the visual appeal of the collection of Thanksgiving foods.

5. Cranberry

It may be one of the more overrated Thanksgiving foods at your dinner table, but like ham, it adds a nice visual appeal to your table. It doesn't look natural, and may taste a little too sweet for any other occasion, but it's a little like having dessert before you finish your meal. But the redness of the dish does help the entire presentation match the colors of the autumn season.

6. Pumpkin pie

No need to find that perfect recipe for a pumpkin pie. Just buy this one at the store, unless you really have a ton of extra time on your hands. As long as you heat it up, store-bought pumpkin pie is almost always as good as homemade pumpkin pie.

7. Bread

Just like Pumpkin Pie, you can also save time by purchasing rolls at your local grocery. However, if you want a GREAT Thanksgiving dinner, we suggest you bake them fresh. It's one of the more important Thanksgiving side dishes because it helps clean the taste palate and absorbs that delicious gravy.

8. Yam

Sweet and savory, sticky and crunch. Sweet potatoes rule! Make sure to add the Marshmallows and sprinkle with chopped walnuts. Boston Market has a stellar sweet potato dish that would complement all your Thanksgiving foods. Did you know that in Nigeria and Ghana, there are yam festivals every year? Yam is the most common food in many African countries, and are usually the first to be harvested.

9. Green bean casserole

When you combine two bland ideas such as green beans and casserole, it can turn into a true favorite that belongs next to the other Thanksgiving side dishes. Plus it adds some additional color to the Thanksgiving feast.

10. Turducken

According to National Geographic, the Turducken was invented in 1985, by brothers Sammy and Junior Hebert at their family meat market in Maurice, Louisiana. The tradition has grown and now the Hebert stores sell over 10,000 Turduckens each year. Yes, it's a turkey, stuffed with duck, stuffed with chicken. Everyone was talking about it last year. It's time for you to give it a try!